This is me

I am an enchanting and amazing woman.

I am not always going to be easy but I am worth it.

I have a heart of gold; I think too much; I see all sides to a story.

I have a strong intuition and can know a persons true character in an instant.

I am learning to listen to my gut and dismiss the negative voices in my head.

I am strong both physically and mentally and in knowing who I am.

I yearn for adventures and opportunities to learn and grow.

I think the world is mine to discover and I’ve already seen a large part of it.

I am a girl who moved half way around the world to a place I’d never been because the opportunity presented itself.

And I fell in love with the man perfect for me because of it.

I am emotional and I care deeply for everything that holds meaning in my life.

I hide my hurt well though I’m starting to trust in vulnerability and revealing all of me.

I am independent – an only child – who has learned to stand on my own and take care of myself.

But I found a husband who stands with me and who I’ve learned to let take care of me too.

I am learning to use my words rather than running from people, to speak up for myself for I deserve the best.

I finally learned to say I love you, out loud, to the people in my life that matter the most, knowing that the words are freeing rather than terrifying and that even when they are not returned I find strength in my capacity to feel.

I trust in the Universe to guide me along this road of life and even the bumps along the way bring a greater good in the end.

I can adapt well and have a knack for just figuring things out.

I believe in myself and know the right people come into my life at the right time to teach me and guide me and to support and nurture me though they might not stay forever.

I care with all my being and would sacrifice myself for the ones I love – friends and family alike.

I am a giver and though I find it hard sometimes to receive I have learned to say thank you with grace knowing that the act of receiving is really a gift to the giver.

I speak the truth or my version of it.

I love the woman I have grown into, comfortable finally in my skin.

I am sometimes impatient, incorrigible and unrelenting but I am also beautiful, compassionate and intelligent.

Mostly though, after all these years I am happy.