Be the girl who... loves herself

Be the girl who loves herself.

The girl who can confidently hold her ground, who knows who she is and also who she isn’t.

Be the girl who sees the choices before her, no right or wrong just paths opening up – a left or a right, a fork in the road, straight ahead – getting her to exactly where she needs to be.

The girl confident enough to walk on her own, to discover the world staying true to herself while still being wide open to adventures.  Options.

Be the girl who moves halfway around the world – alone – if she chooses, if her heart leads her in the direction – even if she is terrified of the very idea.  Embrace it. 

Nurture the fear – hold its hand and take it with you if you must but don’t let it stop you.  Don’t let it hold you back, or worse, retreat from this glorious place you have found – the one where you’re happy in your own skin, content with the world around you, comfortable in all the choices you have made.

Know that you can stand here, confident in yourself and choose, keep choosing, keep changing your mind if it suits you, keep being you – keep trusting in your souls knowing and following your hearts desire – choose yourself.

Choose for your self respect, for your self love.  Choose to look inside, letting your body, mind and soul reconnect – to become one, become whole again.

Keep deciding day after day to follow what makes you happy.

Be the girl who loves herself enough to have thoughts and ideas, opinions and dreams – though they may rattle the crowds, stand up anyway, firm in what you believe – true to yourself.

Be the girl who knows that someone else’s rejection isn’t a reflection of her but merely a projection of what they are going through, their own journey that they must reconcile with themselves.

Be the girl who can be happy on her own but can also grow with someone else by her side without losing herself in the process.  The girl who knows what she wants and what she’s willing to compromise on.

Be the girl who loves herself enough to be happy in the face of all of life’s challenges and speed bumps. 

Be the girl who loves herself.