(FTA) - February 18, 2005 - Dominican Dreaming

I sit at the table, the voices around me slur together, become music for the stars dancing above my head. The crumbling walls illuminated by candlelight hug my soul and whisper the wisdom of the ages in my ears. The piano sings as your eyes sparkle in my sights. Experience washed away by the magic of the evening. In this kingdom my world becomes clear. The fragrant petals rain upon me and speak. The world can’t be anymore perfect in this instant and I realize I’m on the right path. Through the rough roads and goats blocking my way I’ve found my place, reached the precipice and looked over into the lush valley holding my secrets. I want to come back here, find reason. Find you. The one who hears the wind and translates the songs. Whose eyes sparkle while the stars dance and the piano sings- who can enjoy the rainfall with your face turned up in joy. The simple things that put smiles on faces, with laughter that holds childhood dreams.