(FTA) - April 4, 2005... Sunshine and Board Shorts

To this day this is still one of my favorite pieces - though many years have passed my memory is still so clear on those places and scenes I've captured below.  Enjoy.

To Mister Browne,

It was like seeing you again, being right there beside you the memory of you was so strong. Your face has been haunting me, trailing my thoughts as I walk through the world. Maybe it’s the summer and sand, our afternoons near the waves. Maybe it was being there recently, near the diner where we used to hang, in the city that I called home. I have a new home now but somehow you’re here too, I can sense it- the air around me whispers your name as the wind tells me stories of your adventures, crisp, vibrant. Perhaps it was him last night as we sat and talked- the flecks in his hair, the dimly lit café, vinyl and voices, reminders of you. Perhaps it was the idle chatter, randomness with a shadow of brilliance. I was reminded of your manliness, your hands, the power they possessed in everything you did, their grace. Masculinity. Grace. Such contrasts. Board shorts and wedding shirts, the iridescent blue that matched your eyes.

We were brief- our connection fading in and out like the waves we imposed our strength on and yet you’re still with me now. Even in a strange land with strange faces I remember you and the beauty of our friendship, it follows me as I search once again for that bond. I yearn for the ease and intellect of casual conversation, the nurturing ground for new ideas, the shelter, safety. Fearlessness.

The diner is empty when I picture it now; the booth hasn’t seen faces for years. There's no sundaes or strange songs, music picked at random from dark corners with rules. No twizzlers or tents, José is long gone, sour taste on my lips a casual hangover. I’m here now, pursuing those lazy afternoons in a new place, a new life, but I find comfort in the fact that you’re still here. With me always, just a breath on the wind and a glimmer of hope that I can stand on my own and follow the light that explodes from my dreams.