A New Perspective...

This morning I walked to the local coffee shop as I normally do to pick up some beans and coffees for me and the husband. 

It was Sunday morning and the café was buzzing, there must have been 50 people waiting (ok maybe only 10) for their orders to be filled and I hadn’t even placed mine – I didn’t want to wait.

I decided to take a chance on their take-away only store just across the street.  It has the potential to be equally busy but as they serve solely take away coffees I thought it might go faster regardless.

I was right.

There was no one there when I walked in, one final coffee being prepared for the order before mine and I was next.

It was peaceful.

I had a nice little chat with the two guys working and was on my way in no time at all.


As I relished my triumph and was walking back home I soon realized I was on the opposite side of the road and everything looked so different.

I had walked down this street a million times before and still now it took on a different look.

My perspective had changed.

I noticed the paint stripping business working from a stunning house (a house?) and the alley way of endless parts of the auto shop – a place I’ve always noticed but nothing beyond the bright yellow sign.

It was something so little that made that walk home so very different.

And it applies to more than just walking on the other side of the street.

Beyond just taking a different route home.

It’s every part of our life.

What if we all could regularly slow down and step into another persons shoes, approach things from their story and see how it would look to us then.

How big of an impact could a slight shift in focus be for our world?  If we could empathize rather than living as if our views are the only ones?  Imagine the love that would radiate when we stop trying to be right all the time.

Where can you shift your perspective today – one small little thing that might open up a whole new world to you?  Let me know in the comments.