Life's Mantra

I’m not a person who sets goals though in hindsight I’ve been lucky to have many of my wildest dreams come true, My Magic List is solid proof.

I’m also not a person who consciously has a mantra for how I live my life but yet when I was questioned on this very thing (#fridayreflections) I realize that in some specific ways I do.

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

That’s it, right there.

So simple really but also a phrase that has helped me to take some very big leaps on this journey. 

There is safety in knowing that in the end if the answer to that question wasn’t ‘it’ll literally kill me’ then I knew I would be okay.

I might take a chance and fail but at least I know I tried

I could take a chance and succeed and doors to many adventures could be opened.

I could ask and the answer could be no but at least I wouldn’t be left wondering.

I could ask and the answer could be yes and I’d connect with a wonderful new friend.

In life fear is our biggest enemy, stopping us in our tracks before we even start – fear of the unknown, fear of the unexpected, fear of success.

So much fear.

But in the face of our fear if we stopped only to ask “What’ the worst that could happen?” we would quickly realize that our unease was merely preventing us from fully living – from taking chances and learning the lessons.

That the worst scenario in our minds is often really nothing at all – when we let our resistance have a voice, listen fully to what is scaring us we can easily come to terms with it and move forward knowing we will be okay.

We have survived up til this point (even through the darkest of days) so why think it would be any different this time.

So I ask you one thing…

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

Reflections From Me