People are Generally Good…

People are generally good.  Sometimes in this crazy, chaotic world it’s easy to forget that but when we can find the time to slow down (just a little bit) and thoroughly engage in our interactions it’s not hard to find examples everywhere of how genuinely good people are.

I’ve found over the course of the past few days that people want to help with very little expected in return but a thank you and perhaps a bit of recognition.

For ages we have needed a replacement cover for our hand me down dryer that regularly erupts lint throughout our household.  It has been a year living without one and given that we recently moved to a lint free townhouse we needed one if our dryer was to ever be used again.  I happened upon a used appliance store and thought that perhaps the man inside could at least offer a suggestion on where to track down a part for our 20 year old monster- low and behold, he had the necessary part and was eager to part with it for a mere ten dollars.  It made my day in so many ways and I wasn’t the least bit reluctant to tell him so.  His smile brighten from the gratitude and excitement emanating from me as I exited the store with my simple (recycled) purchase. 

It was such a simple thing, an interaction that lasted less than 5 minutes and yet for me at least it was pleasant and the simplicity of it all made it so much sweeter.  I can only hope that his day was better for it as well.

The antenna connection in our new place is also on the outs, the antenna man coming by to no avail needing access to the roof space of our neighbours connected townhouse – should be simple enough but with tradesperson hours and people being home it became a bit more of a mission – one I felt rather at odds with having to ask such a thing of a neighbour I’d only just met but he was happy to oblige, to make time in his schedule, to converse directly with the antenna man to arrange a suitable time and to make it work solely because it was necessary – because he was asked, politely and with kindness.

Another large request met with simplicity and a smile.

You can see the reminders.

In a world where many people are only wrapped up in themselves, believing that the world exists solely for them there is still kindness to be found in (almost) strangers – people willing to help for no benefit to them.  There is good in this world we just need to slow down enough to see it.

Oh and that neighbour I asked for a favour? He works at my favorite coffee shop.  Today my coffee was on the house - a smile and kindness go far in this world and my coffee, it tastes a tiny bit better today.