2016... Abundant New Year

I’m a little late jumping on the new year/ new you bandwagon here having neglected my writing and this blog for far too long but let’s pick right back up.

The New Year often calls for resolutions or goals, whatever your reference basically a time to begin again, a restart for a life that is ongoing and continual.   This has often conflicted with my thoughts on New Years Eve planning where I deem it to be ‘not a big deal’ and ‘just another night’.

As you can guess I’m not a big resolution maker, I have always resisted goal setting.  Those career progress evaluations always caused me to pause when it came to the ‘where do you see yourself in X years?’ questions – how could I know what opportunities would present themselves over that time? How could I project what my future could look like when I barely had any idea how I’d gotten to where I already was? 

I guess even in those days I was very ‘in the present’ not living for the future.  Looking where I am now I can truly say that my life has been very responsive to events rather than fully planned out as others live theirs. 

In saying this though, my life has been many versions of amazing – I am continually astounded that I am living in Australia and days away from marrying the perfect man for me – both a result of taking a chance on a job half a world away from everything I ever knew, a job that has long since faded away.  An opportunity that I could never have foreseen a few months before it happened let alone a few years.  But I’m getting sidetracked.

It is a new year but I am not committing to resolutions.  I’m not setting (new) goals.  I am continuing with the life I have already well established and trusting in the Universe that always brings what I need when I need it. 

I am living with the daily gratitude that I well and truly established by writing daily all that I was thankful for throughout 2014.

I am open to the love that regularly radiates all around me from family, friends and strangers alike – for even in the smallest of gestures from a random stranger there is kindness – a form of love in itself.

I am also embracing the word abundance – in all its forms for the world around us is full of abundance – there is an endless supply of love, of wealth, of positivity, of opportunity. 

The world I want to live in isn’t competitive, we are not fighting each other for the same things – we are working together to become the best versions of ourselves we can be, aiming towards common places but all able to reach the top – together.  In whatever form that looks like for each of us. 

I am not better than you nor are you better than me.  We are all living our own lives, with our own battles to face along the way.

 Your problems aren’t any worse than mine they are just different.

Your wins don’t in any way diminish my success, they are all to be celebrated equally.

We are in this together and if we continue to remember that then we can all reach great heights for the world is abundant, full of so much more than we can comprehend in our reality, but if we dream big we can all have it all together. 

I am dreaming of abundance this year for us all.