The Greatest Love of All

As I sat and let the words to this post flutter to my mind the title jump in and stuck.

The Greatest Love of All

I’ve been singing the song in my head ever since.  And can I admit something for just one minute – I always knew it was a love song but until today however, when I looked up the lyrics once more to figure out whom Whitney was referring to with those words did I realize that it was her.  She was her greatest love.

Now imagine my surprise when those were the words jumping through my mind.

You, you are your greatest love of all.  As am I for myself.  Everyone their own.


Only a few weeks married and I can fully admit that I am my first and most important love and it’s not selfish, it’s necessary.  Yes, necessary.

It took me a very long time to like myself, even longer to love myself - imperfections and all.  It took me ages to ignore the opinions and judgments of others, realizing that they are struggling with the reflections they see within themselves.

That’s all our judgements and hates truly are – something we withness in another that reflects a piece within ourselves that we have yet come to love.

When we accept ourselves fully, fall in love with ourselves then we can truly be open to all human connections – there is no need to hide our quirks or minimize our (perceived) flaws.  We can just be.

And that is the greatest love of all.

It was from this place of (finally) loving myself that I was able to find the perfect man for me – and he could recognize me fully as I am – no games or coyness, no trying to impress him or be what I think he would want.

We were best friends first (and I’m not saying that is the only way but rather what worked for us) but mostly we were ourselves. 

Once I found love for myself I could love and let others love me in return.  And he did.  And it was easy.

Note – I have to add that I am not yet a mother and some may profess that that is indeed the greatest love of all but I would still argue that you become a better mother, a better parent when you already love yourself, you are happy and relaxed and can just be present in the moment, confident in yourself and your world.  With social media and the many rights/wrongs we often hear I can imagine it would be a bit of a struggle to try and be what others think you should, what you feel is necessary without your own love of yourself, accepting your blessings and blunders, triumps and tragedies equally in your own skin.