A Wife for a Week

It's been one week since I became a wife and everything has changed.

It feels like everything is the same.

I love and I am loved.

Everyone asks about this new life – like somehow everything should be different and I have no answers.

This new way of living is in every sense just like the old but with a stronger commitment though stronger is anything but the right word as we were strong before a small piece of paper made it officially so.

From the very beginning we knew we would be married, it was written long before our first touch, our first kiss.  The road to getting there was merely that, a path along our journey but the marriage hasn’t done much to change our direction, it has rather clarified it, made a permanent mark on the map of our lives.

January 16, 2016.

A date captured in time, significant to both of us forever and yet also just another day. 

A day to celebrate, a day of a great party, a perfectly perfect and amazing day.

But still just a day.

For our lives are about living, each day – from now until forever, of loving completely with all our hearts as we have every day so far and will continue every day in the future.

As much as our wedding was about one day, our marriage and our lives are continuous, day after day after day. 

It has been one week since I became a wife and everything is still just the same.

I love and I am loved.