You Are Always Loved...

Since I’ve started sharing my writing I’ve been very fortunate to receive kind words from unexpected places.

Sharing my writing was more a selfish act for me to overcome fears, to live more vulnerably and truly to who I am but with it comes the validation of sorts in ways I wouldn’t have imagined.

One came late last week – from someone I didn’t originally include in the small group I inititally shared with, the people I knew from a distance would be welcoming and supportive but I should have.  It didn’t take long for me to realize the openness of her heart and I added her in.

Almost immediately she sent me a genuine comment that warmed my heart – that in essence noted that she had seen all the things within me that it took me many more years to learn for myself.  We interacted so many years ago, in a time when I was independent and strong and mostly unhappy – underneath the layers at least.  She saw me before content and before happy found me and yet she saw the potential.

Isn’t that how it often goes though – that we see the good in each other oftentimes in ways that we can’t see it within ourselves?  It’s why we yearn for partners that won’t or can’t love us back.  Why we surround ourselves with friends who reflect our beauty.  Why we post things on facebook to get encouragement or validation or pats on the back.

You can tell a person anything but until they experience for themselves it’s never going to ring completely true.

So where does this bring us?  I’m happy to have found out through experience all that my friend could see in me those many years ago, I’m happy to be in this place now.

For those still searching for themselves, unlocking their potential – don’t give up.  It takes time to fully love yourself. 

 When you feel stuck and don’t know where to go – look to those you are closest to – the ones who can see the real you – best friends.  Let them be your mirror, to show you yourself on those days that you struggle.  Feel their love – even through the distance – capture it in your heart and use it to love yourself, to keep on loving yourself and in time you will learn to generate this love yourself, within you – and you will always be loved.