On Commiting to Life

I made plans last week with some new friends and some old.  Plans that were for the following week, midweek in fact.  Tonight.

Given the high speed and transient way we live our lives today, with everything seeming so fleeting and instantaneous I felt the need to reconfirm those plans with all parties yesterday before making a booking for tonight – I was half expecting some to cancel – having forgotten or double booked or just not feeling up for it – maybe a reflection in some ways of when I’m on the other side. 

To my surprise everyone confirmed yes.

I even remarked to Shaun that it was surprising.  I’m not sure what that says about people these days, or the ones I generally tend to surround myself with.  Perhaps even it’s a reflection of my own poor behaviour (though I am trying to change it).

I was happily surprised.

And in my surprise I felt a deeper connection – that these people in my life were choosing me in the same way I was choosing them.  It was reciprocal. 

Time committed to and a commitment held over time.

Our words matter.  Our choices matter.  Our commitments matter. 

I’m not quite ready to say that perhaps we are slowing down a little in life, honoring ourselves and each other fully but perhaps, if anything this shows me that it is starting, that we are valuing these moments more, the time to spend with others, outside of technology and the lazy excuse of being busy.

I am happily commited to living these moments.