Dear Future Husband... Thank you for your love

The summer before you was spent on beaches, at small cafes, in quiet spaces.  The months before you were spent reflecting on past relationships, on breaking old patterns, on growing myself.

I found love that summer.  True and lasting love.  Within myself.  Alone.

It was the perfect recipe for you to come into my life.  Divine timing.

You were already my best friend, knew all my secrets, had seen me at my worst and you fell in love with me anyway.  Or perhaps because of it all.

You arrived at the perfect time, that summer was my time to build, I wasn’t ready for you yet.  I had too many people to overcome, years of repeated reasoning.  Not working.  You were so different, were there all along.

I was always told to fall in love with my best friend and I have.  You are. 

As summer emerges once again I am reminded of beaches and cafes, of quiet spaces and the words that got me to where I am now.  The thoughts that grew in the silence, of the love that blossomed within me, learning to love everything about myself, all the parts that make up who I am. 

So when you entered, jumped in full on in the early winter months I was ready – when you said you loved me I understood.  I knew that everything within me was loveable, there was nothing that you could see that might change your mind and in the safety of your arms I fell in love with you too.

Thank you for falling in love with me, the girl that I am – the woman that you allowed me to blossom into.   My heart if full of the love I have for you and the love you have for me that keeps me full even on my darkest days.

When my father died and I was numb.  When the ache in my heart cut deep you kept the love within me flowing, kept me filled when I needed it most. 

Love is easy on the good days but in the fog you keep me going – fill me with love when I falter to find it for myself, you love me for everything that I am so that I can only do the same – for myself, and for you.  An equal partnership.

So as the days blossom into summer, into the countdown to our wedding day I thank you, for choosing me – choosing to see me for all that I am and loving every part with all that you are.

I love you and can’t wait to be your wife for all of our days.

With love,