Real Life... July 31, 2015

My computer is alive.

I have a strong internet connection.

It seems, for the moment that my technological speed bump has been overcome.

With a week of time, multiple calls and long hours spent talking to technical support, two technician visits, an operating system downloaded twice, installed once and recovery of all my precious files I am back.

But it's new.

Although I have every document and movie, song and even playlist it feels like starting all over again.




I didn't realize I needed a revamp, a removal of clutter and files in all the wrong places but the Universe had other plans and as inconvenient as it was through the week, there was a quietness about it and the refreshed feel of my computer is electric.

Tonight is the Full Moon, a Blue Moon.  A time to as the Universe for all that we want, profess our deepest desires, dreaming as big as our childhood selves could have imagined, asking for it all.  Believing it is coming, knowing it is.

So tonight as the darkness descends and the fair moon rises upon us all, ask yourself, what is it that you want to start, that could use a refresh in your life.  What do you want.  Dream Big.