Colouring and Life...

I stopped.

I coloured.

After my post on Friday I was out doing errands and I purchased a colouring book from the news agent. 

It’s front cover captures all that I was attempting to convey in my last post.

All the catch phrases:

Colouring Meditation

Learn to focus on yourself: the art of meditation

64 mandalas against stress

Meditate through drawing and savour the moment

Eliminate your stress and find peace and serenity

As much as I fundamentally understood the appeal of colouring I found so many more subtle relationships to life in general that I decided to share briefly here – but don’t believe me – try it youself.  If not colouring than something else creative or quiet that allows you to stop and see what comes up within yourself.

In brief, what colouring is teaching me about life:

-it’s best to enjoy the process and be in the moment than just waiting on the final picture to be complete otherwise it seems a little daunting

-there will be imperfections that you notice along the way but these make it more beautiful

-in being creative more creativity will flow

-many people can start with the same black and white picture but the end result will be different for everyone depending on the choices they choose to make

-it’s easier to follow the outline when colouring than trying to work against it

-starting with one colour often shows you the next step/ colour to take.

-your perspective will keep on changing.

So many parallels to our lives – shown to us as we slow down, as we listen to our inner self. 

Stop, and listen to your internal dialog and please share. I would love to hear about your specific experience, of what it brings up and what resonates within you.