Enjoy the Silence

When was the last time you were silent.  Not connecting with another human, not watching tv or distracted by the apps on your phone.

Just silent.

I am missing silence.

Even as I sit here and write this I have headphones streaming music straight into my brain, the only way I can write – with distraction.

That’s what noise is.  Distraction.

It distracts us from ourselves, from our fears and insecurities, from dealing with life issues that we’d rather just ignore.  Fair enough.  But it also isolates us from our deepest desires, our hopes and our dreams.  Our instincts and spirituality.

We often hide from silence because we fear what we will find there – when we have to spend time reflecting on all that we are.  What we must remember however is that we are beautiful as all creatures are.  Sure we may have our flaws but we are not alone in this.  We just are.  And that is enough.

We need to find the silence.

In the quiet we can speak with ourselves, hear the universe guiding us – because it does, in many forms but we have to listen.  We have to be silent.

How often do you try to get to sleep at night and a million and one ideas are flying through your head at a rapid pace – to do lists, and wants, fears and grand ideas.  Voices and thoughts that you try to hang on to til morning, but most always forget.

Our thoughts when we are quiet, our dreams in the darkest of night – that’s the universe, it’s speaking.  Sharing.  Helping guide us through our lives but so often we miss this.

I miss it too.

I am missing silence.

It’s too easy to be distracted, disconnected and I’m tiring.  I’m writing these days because it helps me to slow down, in my journals I start to listen to the voices in my head –slowing down long enough, often enough – to silence the doubts, it’s only then that I hear the encouragement.  

When the daily screaming fears that make us search for distraction are silenced, when you can be still enough with yourself for long enough to acknowledge them and let them go – you will find your higher self.  A source guiding you from another plane.  Wanting nothing more than your success, your highest good.

But we have to connect to ourselves.  To sit in silence, to make the time for ourselves.

We need to find the silence.