Be Bold... Change Your Mind

Change your mind.  Then change it again, keep changing it.

Often as woman we are dismissed as a sex that can’t make up our damn minds, ever.  But you know what – it’s not a bad thing.  Those that think it is can get f@cked.  Seriously. 

Changing your mind is freaking awesome and you want to know why?  Because it gives us the ability to take chances, to jump into the unknown without fear of being stuck there – you hate it?  Well at least you tried.  And… try again.

Change your mind.

Try one, try another, keep changing what you are trying until you find something that sticks.  Something that works for you in this time and place.  Perhaps down the road it may no longer fit you but that’s okay because…

You guessed it…


You are not stuck.

You are not a quitter for doing something different either though many might tell you as much.

That thing about others judgments – it’s about them being too afraid to jump like you are, they are too afraid to live out loud and rather than taking their own chances they are diminishing yours because it keeps them safe. 

Safe is not a place to live your life.  Safe is mediocre and boring.  The real awesome lives in being bold, taking chances, changing your mind.

Be bold. 

Change your mind.