How to Overcome Fear... Just Jump

I caught up with an old friend for a drink the other night – a friend, who like me – also uprooted his entire life to move halfway around the world for a job.  The job was the driving force, the adventure was truly the reason.

Often, I forget just how good it is to connect with people who are open and honest and reveal all parts of themselves, not just the shiny, sparkly bit.  R is one of those people and catching up with him is always amazing – something I tend to forget.

We sat under the heater at a local pub, shared and brew and our stories and the similarities are truly amazing – he might be a few steps ahead with a child almost due while I’m just planning a wedding but our journeys to this point are quite the same. 

We both had an opportunity and took it.  Jumped all in and gave it a chance. 

One thing that resonates me still, four years later is one seemingly simple comment from a different friend “I wish I could do something like that”…

Her wish to do the same.

To be bold.

To jump with both feet and take a chance.

Let that resonate.  How often have you felt the same way?  What opportunities did you pass on only to have it continue to flash into your mind as you went on with life?


For me, I had a big one – moving to Perth.  You see this wasn’t the first push in this direction for me – it came around a second time and I knew without a doubt I had to take it.  I knew because the chance of the first time stuck with me.

I was newly out of university and the resource industry in Canada was slowing while it was just hitting a boom here in Perth.  A colleague simply stated one day that I should move to where the work was, leap at the opportunities available and rake in the money – or something to that effect.  What stuck was – you should move to Perth.

So what stopped me then – oh so many things really.  The biggest was that I didn’t want to live so remotely from pretty much everywhere.  For those not in Australia, take a look at that map, Perth is remote.  Fear of a small remote town, a country I didn’t know, being far from family and friends, being alone, starting over.

I have always wondered ‘what if’, what if I took the chance back then.

Ten years later moving to Perth once again became an option.  This time I was offered a job and a visa, nothing really to lose.   I was tempted immediately but what sealed it was when my future employer basically told me that ‘if I hated it I could always go home’.

And I could.

As easy at it was to make the decision to jump it’s always just as easy to realize you don’t like something and do the opposite.   To change your mind.  But more on that part in another post. 

This one is about dreaming big, of confronting silly fears and jumping, taking a chance.

Right now, consider what leaps you have let slip by, what big dreams can you jump into right now – even a step in that direction, as scary as it might be is something.  Because here is the biggest secret…


You can.  Anything you want.  You can be like me and R and move far away and start another life, you can quit the job you hate so much or hit the gym even or smile at strangers.  Whatever you want, even if it scares you.

You can do it.  Even if it’s scary.

We all know the saying – the things that scare us the most are most meaningful.

Think about that – moving cities, falling in love, having children, putting yourself out there.  All big changes but when you’re on the other side and happier and more fulfilled for checking off that dream, when others tell you they want to be like you and take that chance – just tell them how good it feels and how they can do it too. 

Courage in the face of fear leads to life’s greatest adventures.