Making Space for the Magic

Making Space

In our worlds we are surrounded by stuff.  Clutter.  Material things that take up space around us - some of these things are functional, aiding us in our lives, some sentimental, meaning associated to it that touches us deeply.  Clutter also takes the form of attachments to people or ideas.  Whatever the form these things keep us from what really matters.  Close us off from things that are better suited to the person we are now.

We attach meanings to things, reminders of time and space of who we are, or who we were.  We collect and amass in enormous ways and it becomes harder to let go when there are feelings and sentiment attached.

My mother posted a photo on my facebook wall today with a quote that read:

“The older you get, the more you realize that it isn’t about the material things, or pride or ego.  It’s about our hearts and who they beat for.”

That first sentence was the basis for my current rambling – but also something that relates to so much more in our lives.

We are filling up our space with material things when what matters more are experiences and memories.  The stuff that makes our hearts beat with excitement and anticipation.  Things that make us feel love and our ability to share it with the world. 

But where does this beauty happen?

The answer really is quite simple in statement, so much harder to achieve.

The magic happens in letting go.

Letting go of expectation or attachment.  Creating space around and within us to let the magic grown and thrive.  To fill us back up.

This might mean letting go of people, places or things – or a combination of all of the above.  As much as material things, people also close us off, places keep us stuck in memories of the past.

When you focus on these things at the exclusion of all others it limits what is possible, what is available.  When you can let go the beauty shines, the magic happens.  You can’t force it though, you just have to make the space for it to grow into.

Twice in my life, due to circumstances – moving across the country, moving half way around the world – I had to reduce the possessions I had.  The first was down to what could fit into my car, the second – what I could fit into three checked bags.

It was freeing.

A simplifying of clutter around me.  Chaos.  I can’t say that after 4 years in one place that I haven’t once again amassed many more things but I am starting again to feel the constriction of it.  The suffocating. 

And so I have started eliminating.  Clearing out a cupboard, throwing out old papers, passing along books to others to enjoy.  Little things that start the ball rolling and I’m excited to see what the magic brings.

What can you let go of today to start making space?