My Magic List

Yesterday as I got lost on the inter-webs I found myself reading some of the writing by Shannon Kaiser on her site Play With the World, specifically she has a free downloadable “Love Your Life to the Fullest Guide” and I found myself intrigued.

In it she suggests that everyone create their own bucket list or as she re-frames it – A Magic List.  The experiences of a lifetime that I want to enjoy. 

For many years I’ve had such a list – it’s written into a small green journal that I look through from time to time – checking off things that I have accomplished, adding more to the list as I grow and change.  Ever evolving.

As I read her guide yesterday it reminded me of my list tucked away on the shelf and I decided to read through it again and to share it with the world here on my website.

Typing the list out I noticed many similar areas of interest and broke them into these categories as the list was insanely long.  What I loved discovering however was the number of things that I had already achieved on this list.  They were put into words way back when and over time – sometimes without though – they came true in my life and seeing them in black (blue) and white brought me even more gratitude than I had already.

There are many uses for this list – the one is to dream big, without restraint or judgement – letting your heart flow free onto the page, it’s enlightening and one idea sparks another and on and on and on much to my amazement every time.  Another is just to share your intentions with the universe – I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and we are exactly where we are meant to be in life – that the universe conspires to help us on our journey as we strive for it to be and writing a Magic List puts these ideas out there to come true in the right time and place. 

The biggest use for this list which I couldn’t have imagined until I needed it was to be used as a decision maker.  When I was offered the opportunity to move to Australia I reflected on this list and as I read through and noticed that a large portion of my Magic List involved travel and exploring the world I realised that it truly was a no brainer move to make. 

My magic list guided me to one of the best decisions I ever made in this world and led me to many more of the things I wanted to be, see and do – I smile with the universe and ask you to consider capturing your wildest dreams – open yourself up to the surprises and see where it leads.  Dream Big.  Live Large.  A life of Magic.