I am a series of contradictions.

I’m the girl who spent a large portion of my childhood moving around always wanting to stay in one place a little longer to be close to my dearest friends and yet spent the first half of my adult life searching for the right place to stop.

I’m the girl who spent 8 years living in a wonderful city that I knew I’d never call home.  I moved half way around the world to a country I’d never even visited and it feels more like home than anywhere else ever did.

I don't belong to cities but rather to the world and can't imagine ever having roots to just one place and yet want to own a home in which to raise a family and grow old with my (soon-to-be) husband.

Finding my happy 70km from the North Pole

Finding my happy 70km from the North Pole

I'm the girl who drives too fast down a tiny one way street but always stops to pet the neighbours cat.

I’m the girl who spent the first half of my life behind an impenetrable wall while yearning for the closeness of another (who I am grateful to have now found)

I’m the girl with no musical talent and yet can't live without the sound of it in my life.  I love hip hop and classic rock yet will always crank up the radio to sing along to the sappy late 80's power ballads that shaped my formative years. 

I’m the girl who spent many years unhappy, searching for the people and places and things that would change my views and learned through time and introspection that they weren’t outward things but parts inside me that needed to be released and let go of.

I'm a girl that wishes on stars and eyelashes knowing that neither have the capacity to make my dreams come true. 

I’m just a girl.

I’m a girl with hopes and fears, smiles and struggles, gratitude and gratefulness.  I am deeply loved and surrounded by beauty but at times fall back on old patterns and feel like I just might not be good enough, underserving, I fear losing it all.  But I have also learned the lessons of letting go, of finding the good within the shadows of doubt and releasing the demons that once ruled all that I was.  My days of self-sabotage are long gone, I’m blossoming still and my wildest dreams are continually coming true.