Frequently Asked Questions


What will my quilt look like?

We have a variety of standard patterns for all our Patchwork Quilts and can discuss further with you to determine what best suits your style.

Memory Quilts are one of a kind as the items you provide are themselves special.  Based on the items provided – size, quantity, colour, etc. we will determine the best arrangement.  All Memory Quilts are made with love and special care will always be taken to honor the items provided – we understand how precious memories are and endeavour to always showcase items in the best way possible.

How much do your quilts cost?

Various sizing and pricing options can be found in our Sizing & Pricing Guide along with options for further modifications on design.  If you require something that is not shown please get in touch, as there is always a way to work together for what you want.

How long will it take?

Delivery for quilts is typically 2-6 weeks depending on number of orders in the queue.  Should delivery be outside this time frame you will be contacted when your order is received.

How do I place an order?

Send a request through the Order Page and I will contact you directly to sort out the specifics and provide you with an invoice for your order.  Once payment has been received in full construction of your quilt will commence.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash and PayPal transfers are the only available method of payment at this time.  PayPal transfers will incur an additional 2.6% on the price of the purchase.

Payment must be made IN FULL for prior to commencement of your quilt.

What kind of clothing works best in a memory quilt?

Almost anything can be incorporated into your memory quilt... pajamas, shirts, dresses, overalls, tanks and tees, hoodies, costumes, bibs, etc.  If you have anything that you are concerned with please include and we will incorporate as best we can - there's usually a way - and if we can't we will return it to you.  Either way we will let you know.

Memory quilts are also for more than just baby/ children's clothes - adult clothing can be included as well or can be solely used on our lap blankets.  I've used my dad's favorite ties, t-shirts and jeans. 

Most any fabric is suitable except swimsuits/ rashies, lycra based materials, underwear or polyesters.  If you provide us with an item that is unsuitable we will always return it to you.

Please ensure all clothing provided is washed and free of pet hair, cigarette smoke, etc.

How do I supply my clothing?

Upon completing our Order Form we will contact you to clarify all the specifics, provide you with an invoice and instructions on where to send your clothes.  For orders in the Perth Metro area arrangement can be made for drop off/ pick up of items.

How many articles of clothing does it take to make a Memory Quilt?

The number of items required varies based on the size and type of items used typical recommended quantities based on item size are:

Baby Hanky

40cm x 40cm, 2-4 pieces of parents clothing

Security Blanket

50cm x 50cm, 4-6 pieces of parents clothing

Baby Blanket (Small)

50cm x 70cm, 10-15 pieces of baby's/ children's clothing

Baby Blanket (Large)

85cm x 95cm, 15-20 pieces of baby's/ children's clothing

Lap Blanket

120cm x 150cm, 25-30 pieces of baby's/ children's clothing OR 20+ pieces of adult clothing

Additional items can be included to add for a greater variety within the quilt or to allow for flexibility in the design.  If clothing supplied contains less fabric than required for the specified quilt size then coordinating fabric will be added to the quilt to fill any gaps.  

If there is a large discrepancy between items supplied and quantity specified (as above) extra costs may be incurred for the additional fabric requirement.

Extra items not used and remaining pieces will be returned with delivery of the quilt.  Scraps will be discarded unless specifically requested to be kept.

To request further information or to initiate a Quilt Purchase please fill out our Order Form and we will contact you directly.