(Weddings) - The Perfect Dress Part 2: Discount Bridal Season

Wedding dresses are expensive… there is no other way to put it but on your dream day it’s also something completely worth it.

To be completely honest I hated the entire thought of dress shopping – the cost, finding the right style, the right fit – and my first attempt at finding a dress was anything but a success. 

That being said I turned by experience around and learned a ton of ways to save money depending on your dream dress wish list.

In Part 2 we look into Discount Bridal Season, or end of year shopping a way to save big money on the sales rack. 

(Part 1:  Preloved Dresses)

Discount Bridal Season

If you’re lucky enough with timing you can find end of season sales at your local bridal shops.  This was the route I stumbled upon and found the dress of my dreams. 

I was shopping in June; the end of the fiscal year here in Australia and much to my surprise when I booked into a store many had recommended it was their sample sale.  All dresses on the rack were 50% off.

It’s a bit tricky to find a style you love in a size that fits.  I tried on many dresses and was about to walk away empty handed but on my way out I somehow spotted the dress I had been imagining all along – and in a size for me.  More luck was definitely involved.

I tried it on quickly and off I ran to the next booking I’d made where I had zero luck – the only thing in my mind was that dress.  It was the dress for me.   It’s true that when you know, you know.  I bought it then and there.

Along with luck in style/ size you also have to buy these dresses then and there so that’s something to be prepared for.  There are no holds or payment plans, it’s definitely first come first served.  Also, as the dresses have been tried on numerous times there may be some imperfections that a new dress would not have but that comes with the price – my lace gown had a few holes and some minor pulling but with a solid seamstress doing my alterations and some time it looked like brand new on my big day.