(Weddings) - The Perfect Dress Part 3: Designer Knock-offs

Wedding dresses are expensive… there is no other way to put it but on your dream day it’s also something completely worth it.

To be completely honest I hated the entire thought of dress shopping – the cost, finding the right style, the right fit – and my first attempt at finding a dress was anything but a success. 

That being said I turned by experience around and learned a ton of ways to save money depending on your dream dress wish list.

In Part 3 we cover an often controversial area - designer knock-off dresses - a cheap alternative to the 'real' thing.

(Part 1: Preloved Dresses)

(Part 2: Discount Bridal Season)

Designer Knock-offs

This is a category that many people have strong view points on.  There are lots of companies (mainly China based) that sell designer styles for a fraction of the price – the reason being quality and it’s something to be very careful of.

I looked at this option quite extensively as I have a dear friend who went this route for her dress and it was stunning – it was a process that definitely worked for her so I can’t discount it completely but it wasn’t a route I was willing to take especially since I wanted lace, quality lace.

There are endless styles – many made by more than one manufacturer but you need to carefully read the reviews, make sure they have sold hundreds of the dress you are looking at with feedback confirming that what you see is what you get.

They use designer photos but that’s not exactly what you get – I’ve heard stories of colours being wrong or material being cheap looking and feeling.  The biggest issue however is also size – your dress is made to order so if your measurements are off or theirs are then you might be left with less of what you’re looking for.

As I mentioned however, people do have success so if you have the time and are willing to have a back up plan ‘just in case’ then this might be the route for you.

The discounts are the biggest with this route as well so there is much to be gained if it all works out.