(Weddings) - The Perfect Dress Part 1: Preloved Dresses

Wedding dresses are expensive… there is no other way to put it but on your dream day it’s also something completely worth it.

To be completely honest I hated the entire thought of dress shopping – the cost, finding the right style, the right fit – and my first attempt at finding a dress was anything but a success. 

That being said I turned by experience around and learned a ton of ways to save money depending on your dream dress wish list.

In Part 1 we cover buying a preloved dress – people these days are less sentimental and therefore willing to sell their used dress rather than having it sit in a closet for many years to come.

Preloved Dresses

A quick google search for “used wedding dress” will pop up an endless list of places to look into.

One that I loved was Still White Australia, the largest online marketplace for preowned, used and second hand wedding dresses.  I spent hours searching through their pages but at the end of the day nothing that I loved was close by (I wanted to be able to try the dress on in person before buying) so I found another route to save a ton on my dress.

Gumtree (or Craigslist in North America) is another option and many times risk free if you’re able to try the dress on in advance which many people do allow.

If you’re looking to save a bit of cash and have no qualms about wearing a preloved dress then this might be the path for you to walk down.

If you’re buying preloved online and having it shipped to you then there is a risk in the quality/ unseen damage that may come with your choice though some of the bigger online market places have a form a guarantee against this happening – you might also be off on size/ style for your shape so it’s still best to shop around in local stores to nail these things down in advance.

Part 2: Discount Bridal Season (to come)

Part 3: Designer Knock-offs (to come)