(Weddings) You're Engaged... Now What?

So You’re Engaged… Now What?

A quick google search of the above will lead you down a rabbit hole with list after list of what you should do immediately, what you shouldn’t do and what you don’t know among many other alarmist headings.

You might not know any of those things but you don’t need to.

The first and most important thing you need to do is to savour the moment with your partner – it only (hopefully) happens once in a lifetime and the best thing to do is to be present and enjoy your happiness.

Often this gets overlooked in the rush to call family and friends, to update your status on facebook and post a photo of the ring. 



Take just a moment for yourself, the rest will come in time.

Then in your excitement jump into the rest – telling everyone in whatever way you choose.

Call family or friends, send emails and photos, update facebook (if you choose) or shout from the rooftops.  There is no right or wrong way to tell those you love, do what feels right for you.

Most of all, enjoy these moments – a step into the next bit life adventure.

You’re Engaged… enjoy every minute.