(Money) - The Internet in your Home

The internet, something we often take for granted these days as it’s always at our fingertips. The only time it seems to concern us at all is if there is an outage or perhaps if it’s being ridiculously slow (welcome to Australia!)

Often times we move into a place and one of our first calls after the gas and electricity company is to our internet provider of choice and month after month the set amount rolls out of our account to keep us connected.

I ask you this – when was the last time you looked at your usage? 

Each company will have a way to find this – generally their tool box of choice will show by month how much of that allowed data you have been consuming on your home network (same goes for your mobile phone as well but I’ll touch on that bill in a later post).

It was only about a year ago that I checked out my bill in just this way and I was surprised by both the changes in my allotted data (increased) and the amount I actually used (not much change).  The difference between the two however was huge.  I was using just a fraction of what I could have been.

Now knowing my usage was very unlikely to fluctuate much I realized that I could easily change my plan (and for no cost) and reduce my monthly spending by $10 per month. 

While ten dollars doesn’t sound like much – merely the price of a couple of coffees here in Perth – over a year it’s $120 – and that was just reviewing one bill.  I was paying more than I should have been and had no idea until I looked a bit further.

It’s far too easy to set up a plan and pay the monthly fee through direct deposit without giving it another thought but over time things change – plans increase, usage changes, options increase.

So I ask you – look at your bill and see what you’re paying for that you’re not even using, is there any way to minimize your payment and still get exactly what you want/need?  Let me know in the comments what you find – it might just help someone else in return.